Tariff Types
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Tariff Types are the first step to setting up your Tariffs in the RMSWeb system.

The Tariff Type is the description of who the tariff is to be used for, it will tell the system which Tariff to use. It is also the description that will create the charge onto the guests accommodation account.

For information on the Tariff Type setup for the Tariff/Availability Chart please click HERE.

From any screen within RMSWeb

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Per Night Tariffs (Lookup) from the list
Choose Tariff Types from the sub list
Click once on Add

1. Enter a Tariff Type description
Who the tariff is being create for. For Example: Pensioner Rate, Rack Rate, Corporate Rate. This is the description you will choose when making a reservation in the RMSWeb system.

2. Enter a Tariff Charge Description
This is the description that the guest will see. By default it will fill the same as the above description however you may change it if you desire to.

3. Enter a Long Description
The Long Description can be used in two (2) areas.
1. RMSOnline with the RMS agent, this description will show on your online booking pages, you may wish to use it on package tariffs to state what is included.

2. It can be used in your template form letters to tell guests more about the tariff you have assigned them.

4. You may apply a Discount to your Tariff Type
The discount attached would apply to every reservation this Tariff Type is assigned to. For Example: If your corporate rate is a straight % discount of your normal Tariff then you could set a Tariff type named corporate attached a 10% discount, by doing this you will not need to setup any new tariff tables for the corporate rate, you would simply use the normal tariff tables.

5. You may apply Grouping to your Tariff Type
This is used for reporting purposes, where you can build a report by Tariff type the system would group together those that have the same grouping attached.

6. You may apply an Account Code to your Tariff Type
The account code that is used by default for your tariffs is the one that is attached to the Categories in your system. For special Tariff Types you may choose to attach a different account code so that the revenue shows separately to the normal revenue charges.

7. You can mark one Tariff Type as your Rack Rate
This option tells the RMSWeb system which Tariff Type should show first in the list of Tariff Types when making a reservation.


8. Setting the Rate Availability
A. Reservation Arriving on
By ticking all days you are telling the system that this Tariff Type is available to use any day of the week. If you do not want this Tariff Type to be available for specific days you will need to remove the tick for that day.

B. Minimum and Maximum settings
You are able to set a minimum and maximum number of nights for each day of the week. Zero (0) is the default where the system will ignore the rule.

C. Start each tariff period from night 1 on Tariff Table
This option tells the system that when making a reservation if the Tariff associated to this Tariff Type falls over two period (E.g. High and Low season) to ensure that the new tariff table starts at night one not at the night of stay.

Click Save/Next to add further Tariff Types. When completed click Save/Exit.

You have now completed your Tariff Type setup, please click HERE to move onto your Tariff Period setup.

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