Reservation Chart
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The reservation chart is designed to give you a visual of your reservations over a monthly period. The Reservation chart has many functions as shown below;  
Charge periods are displayed on the chart by colour changes to the days along the top of the chart, this changes from yellow to green when there is a period change. If you place your mouse over the colour the name of the charge period will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the chart.  
Your areas may be previewed by alphabetical order or category order as shown below. The yellow boxes represent the first area within a new category. If you place your mouse over any room the category name will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the chart.  
The date shown in the top left corner of the screen displays the first date shown on the chart, this may be changed using the drop down arrow and selecting a new date from the calendar.  
The light blue columns represent each Saturday, giving a weekly visual.  
The dark blue columns represent the start of each new month.  
By simply pointing to a particular reservation, details such as Res #, Status, Name, Town, State will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the chart.  
You may edit a reservation by left clicking once on the reservation. A screen will appear asking if you wish to edit the reservation, choose either yes or no.  
You can extend or minimise the arrival and departure date of reservations from the chart by right clicking once, holding the mouse button down and dragging to either the left or the right to extend or minimise. When you release the button you will be presented with a box asking you to confirm the change.  
Reservations may be moved from one area to another from the chart, but only to areas which can be previewed on one screen. Right click on the reservation, holding the mouse button down drag up or down to the desired area. When you release the button you will receive a screen asking you to confirm the change.  
Along the bottom of the chart you have 10 buttons, these are explained below;  
NAMES: This button when clicked once displays the names of the reservations on the chart. If a group name is attached to a reservation, the chart will preview the group name over the surname of the guest.  
OPTIONS: When options is selected you will receive the screen below, here you have three options;  
1. Default settings: This shows 25 columns (days) and 22 rows (areas). Used to reset the chart to its default when over-ridden with option 2 or 3.  
2. Set Num Days on Chart: Allows you to decrease or increase the number of columns.  
2. Set Num Sites on Chart: Allows you to decrease or increase the number of rows.  
LEGEND: As shown below when selected you receive a screen which informs you of the colour legend which reservations will display depending on there current status. This screen also informs you of the keyboard short cuts and mouse functionality in the Reservation Chart.  
SET POS: This button allows you to set the chart at a particular date either in the future or past. When set the button will change its name to release and will continue to default to this date until release is chosen.  
PRINT: You may print the Reservation chart but only for the dates that you are currently viewing. You may also print the Reservation chart from the daily reports.  
DATA WINDOW: As shown in the first screen shot, when the data window button is activated, using your mouse if you point to a particular reservation you will see a box appear with details of this reservation. When this button is active the mouse will loose its functionality and you will not be able to edit or move a reservation from the chart.  
GO TO AREA: If you have more areas than can fit on one screen then you may choose to use the 'Go to area' button, this is a quick search where you type the area you wish to view and press enter on your keyboard, this area will now be at the top of your list.  
ALPHABETICAL: You may preview your areas in either Alphabetical or Category order, pressing this button will change your view from one to the other.  
ATTRIBUTES OFF: If you have attached attributes to your areas and categories during the setup stage of RMS, then you may choose to use the attributes button, this will open a screen which lists all of the attributes you have entered into the system broken into either property, category or area attribute. By ticking the attributes you wish to see only and saving it will then take all areas and categories from your view on the chart, leaving only those that have the ticked attributes attached.  
EXIT: Quits you out of the Reservation chart.  
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