Allotment Report
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What is the Allotment Report?
This report shows you the available and booked number of rooms for those agents which hold an allotment for a 2 week period from the date you generate the report.

Why Use this Report?
This report can be used to see what agents still have rooms left on allotment and those who have used all of their current allotment. This may be used as a management tool to look at future allotment quantities and the distribution of allotments within the system.


Important Report Notes:
·Report shows 2 weeks from the selected date  
·Report breaks down allotments into the individual agents and other (being what is left) on a per category basis.  
·To use this report allotments must be set against Travel Agents – see TA Setup  
·The Report shows rooms Available (A) and Booked (B). For example, if an agent is given a 3 room allotment and 1 room is Booked then 2 will show under Available  

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